Factors That Influence Mobile Home Values

Mobile HomeYour mobile home may be worth far more than you realize. If you purchased your house years ago and are considering moving to take advantage of depressed housing prices in other markets, you'll need to have a firm understanding of the items that can impact mobile home values. Below, you'll discover some of the factors that can affect the price for which you sell your house. When the time comes for you to get a professional appraisal, you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

Floor Plan

You may be surprised to find how much the floor plan of your manufactured home can influence the price for which you can sell it. The floor plan can have a dramatic effect. Whether your factory-built home is a single wide 2-bedroom house or double wide with 4 bedrooms, its floor plan will be one of the first things potential buyers want to know.

Size Of Home

Obviously, the size of your mobile home can affect its resale value. All things being equal, the bigger the home, the higher its valuation. But, keep in mind that certain local market forces may cause homes of certain sizes to command a price premium.

Location Of Home

As is true for the overall real estate market, the location of your house plays a key role in how much it's worth. A mobile home located in a suburb of Georgia could sell for a significantly lower price than the same-sized home in Los Angeles. This is due to a variety of factors including employment rates, traffic patterns, etc.

Roofing Considerations

The type of roof on your factory-built home can also have an impact on its value. Typically, the roof on your mobile home will need to be repaired after awhile. If you haven't done any repairs over the past several years, it could diminish your home's value. In some areas such as Northern Arizona, the weather can be harsh. You can increase the worth of your house by installing rubber roofing or an additional aluminum "roof-over."


Knowing The Value Of Your Mobile Home

To find the true resale value of your manufactured house, you can pay for a professional appraisal. Or, you can use one of the reliable online mobile home valuation services. They'll consider each of the factors above in determining how much your house is worth. If you decide that you'd like to sell your home and move somewhere else, you'll have a good estimate of what price your home can attract. There are several factors that influence the value of your factory-built house. Take a few moments today to find out its true worth.